Grief Nighthorse



Distinguishing Features:

really pale skin for his people

Key Character Traits:

very intense, thoughtful, has a really bad temper but keeps it under firm control
Grief Nighthorse




dark brown

What Is The Physical Function Of This Character?




Body Type:

slender, athletic

What Is The Goal Of This Character?

he wants to rebuild society, save the world and its surviving people from anarchy, chaos, exploitation, and apathy

What Is The Character's Plan To Achieve This Goal?

take over a city, use it as a base from which to conquer the surrounding area, then impose civilization on the conquered people until it sticks

Family Background:

born to the ruling family of the Clans, aka the Reavers, raised mainly by his mother because he's the third, and therefore very much extra, son. brought up in the Mannite Church tradition, even though most Clansfolk worship the sacred Grove. cast out by his mother at age thirteen, for kissing another boy.


never shares much of anything that goes on in his head with anyone, even when he should. has a rough time trusting people. into micro-management, prefers to keep control over every aspect of every day.


taught at a small Mannite school, supplemental education from University-educated mother, intense martial arts training


very secretive, but once he lets you in, you're in for life. distrustful, but fiercely loyal. cares about people overall more than individuals. very controlled, refuses to let his wild Reaver blood overcome his civilized mind.


horses, anything green and growing, reading, combining martial arts practice with play and/or dance, music


things that make him feel out of control