Anarill is the oldest of my fantasy worlds, and as such, is likely the most thoroughly developed. However, oddly enough, I've been struggling to create any kind of accurate visual representation of this world for many years, and haven't pulled it off yet. In fact, that's the precise reason I've never managed to do anything about creating my Worldstack, despite the fact I decided to build "Anarill Online" back in 1999. Yeah, I've been procrastinating that long. But it's really difficult to build the interactive world I imagine without being able to create images to go with that world.

Finally, I decided to go the easy way out. I'll do what writers do best, and write. You probably will not see any images of Anarill here, nor of specific characters. But I can tell you some of the basics of what stuff looks like there. That's what you'll likely find if you click on the links to the right.

And please, for the love of little apples, be patient with me! There's a lot of information in my mind about this world, it'll take a while to fully develop all the stuff I want to share.

Update: Okay, so I changed my mind. I will occasionally try to post images of Anarill and its characters. But please keep in mind, I intentionally leave most descriptions vague in my writing so readers can imagine characters looking the way they want the characters to look. So if you see something here that just doesn't match up with what you think a character should look like, that's fine by me. Just use this nice brain eraser, wipe the image from your mind, and continue imagining the character the way you prefer.

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