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Marie Brown

Hi! I'm Marie Brown (obviously, given that big heading above), and I'm a writer. I'm also a 3D artist, a bellydancer, and sometimes even a musician. And contrary to the general trend of humanity, I don't like to talk about myself much. But I'll try, because people have been kind enough to buy my books and come visit my website. Might as well give 'em (you!) something to read while here.
Okay. I live in Colorado. I have lived all over the United States, though, and really loved Arizona. I have three cats, who frequently make it very difficult to use my computer. I used to design websites for fun, but recently, I've had a few too many comments about how my sites look retro, from the 90s, outdated... you get the picture. So this time, in an effort to ensure a more modern look and a nice responsive design that will work across many devices, I'm cheating. W3Schools, where I go to learn whatever I need for the web, has some nice, handy templates. So I'm modifying and adapting those, in an effort to have a modern website sometime before the next century. It's making me rather cranky, though, because I happen to like the crazy, chaotic, retro look.
There. I said something about myself, and it didn't cause physical pain. If you want to know more, look me up on Facebook or deviantArt. There's links.

Under Construction

I have a sh*t ton of works in progress. Writing, art, and website plans, the ideas breed faster than the time to work on them. So I've decided to focus on just a few of them.

Rulan is the name of a world that randomly generated itself from my first attempt to make a map in Photoshop. It has many islands, many cultures, and many stories waiting to be told.

After the Rain is in the process of receiving an intense editing process. Initially, I thought the rough draft sucked and was hopeless, but I tossed it up on WriteOn because I love the characters and wanted to salvage their story. Now, after some detailed feedback, I know it's just sloppy, not hopeless.

Learning Photoshop. 'Nuff said.

the Worldstack

There's more information about this insane project of mine on this website. I just thought I'd mention it here because I've been trying to make it work for a significant portion of my life.

3D modeling

And, in my copious free time, I'm trying to learn 3D modeling. I would love to become one of the amazing people that can earn a living from creating stuff out of their imagination and some patient work.

Writing History

Yeah, why not. Might as well talk about my writing experience.

Year Event Babbling
1976 Wrote my first short story. It sucked, but was okay for a four year old.
1988 Had a series of dreams that led to Anarill and the Worldstack. Wrote some horrible short stories, decided I'd never make it as a writer.
1990 Let someone other than me read my fiction. It was for an oddball college assignment. Honors Bio, Colorado State University. Write a 25 page paper about anything. Yes, anything. So I wrote a story set in Anarill.
1997 To relieve stress, I wrote 40 pages longhand in one night. Wow. Let's just say I can be dumb sometimes. My husband at the time had me so stressed I forgot I'm a writer. He went to jail, I picked up a pencil and haven't stopped writing since.
1998 Runner up for the Purple Crystal Award I started entering contests. The final judge in this contest sent back an utterly scathing critique. And you know what? I am incredibly glad he did.
1999 Dove full-force into Writers' Village University. Still suffering from regret that I didn't buy the lifetime membership back then when it was only $99. (Last time I looked it was $300.)
2000 Sold first short story to a small press. Yay, me!
2012 Began self-publishing through Smashwords I got really tired of "well-written, but not our thing" rejection letters, and went for it on my own. Haven't looked back since.

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