I decided to make an update log, just in case anyone is interested in knowing what's new but doesn't want to go plowing through the entire, frequently chaotic, website.


Yep. Been years since I updated. And now I'm going to screw around with yet another redesign.


Ten-four, good buddy...
Er. Does anybody even remember CB talk in this internet age? Maybe. Anyway, got my website done. Bring on the Mile Hi Con!


Um. Guess I haven't done anything to my website in a couple years. No wonder everything looks old to my eyes. Anyway, updating things now. Changes throughout the site, especially at the entrance and to the Storybook page.


Well, shit, again. I'm a ditz. I've been so busy promoting my ass off for my new release FIRESTORM that I totally forgot to add it to the Storybook. Oops. But it's there now.

And because I am a truly epic ditz, let me make clear that Firestorm is the sequel to Eternal. Somehow, in all the chaos, I never got around to including that bit of information anywhere in the book. Oops again.


Well, shit. A year? Seriously?

Right, then. It's been a year since I last updated my website. Give me a break, I've been sicker than shit. FINALLY got the Storybook updated, and will actually work on the poor Worldstack before I have to go back to work.


Screwing around with design again. Got the front page done. However, I'm still working on a better Storybook, and one of these days I want to get the Worldstack going for real.


Finished the new cover for With Honor, yay! Still available through Smashwords and Amazon. Too tired to dig up the links right now, sorry.


It's a damn snow day. Normally that wouldn't make me cuss, but this one means I have to work on Sunday, the day I'm thoroughly programmed to RELAX. *sigh* Might as well make the best of it with a new release.

Secret Heart is now live on Smashwords. Also available as a PDF here, on my freebies page.

And after a hunderd million years, I added more content to the Worldstack. It'll get there, people. I promise.


Look out, world. There's more of my writing coming to get you. Dawnfire, the third and final volume of the Hidden Game series, is now available on Smashwords and Amazon. There is also an omnibus edition of the entire series, and Smashwords coupons for half off the first two books (Luminous, code AV38N, and God's War, code JR27Q) if you don't like omnibus editions. The coupons are good until December 1, 2016.


Mega update! Redoing the whole bloody webworld. I've finally updated the look, although not everywhere (witness old-style dragon background image here). And yes, the updatifying extends to kittenwylde.net, too. Fine. So I clung to my old-fashioned tastes for a long time. Still not a hundred percent thrilled with being modern (ugh!), but I'll live with it. I also decided to admit that I've not kept up with CSS as much as I should have and have been using templates (seriously modified, in some cases) from w3schools, my favorite teach-yourself-to-code place.


Okay, you knew it had to happen again sooner or later. Look out, people, it'll be dusty and messy around here for a while, because I'm redecorating. So watch out you don't trip, or fall into any black holes, or anything, because things will be changing. Slowly, knowing me, but changing all the same. This applies to both here and my slashy sithkitten.net site, which will have a new name soon: kittenwylde.net. And in case you can't figure it out for yourself, "sithkitten" is finally getting retired after many years of use because Star Wars just plain sucks these days.


Love Bytes Review! Four and a half hearts!


Look what happened on Amazon in January:
Number One!

Of course, it took me until now to realize I could post that here, too. *groan*


Added Eternal to the Storybook. Made a commitment to myself to focus on my website next year. If it works, this place will become very cool. We'll see what happens.

And in case you didn't notice, I added Tweet buttons. So tweet about me already! :D


Forcing myself to be active online again. It hurts.

Updated the contact info with more ways to get hold of me. Added a big pseudo-ad to the front page for my upcoming novel Eternal. And behind the scenes, working on this poor neglected website. I'm always so filled with ideas, but they're overwhelmed by my laziness...


Oops! I completely forgot to mention I released a new story, Desert Rose, and added it into the Storybook. I also added a rather silly little widget, a map that shows where visitors come from. And now, back to my regularly scheduled chaos... Working on Camp NaNoWriMo, beware, there's another long scifi/fantasy/romance with a touch of horror on the way...


Look at that, less than a week, and I worked on the Worldstack again. Wow. Sometimes I amaze myself.


The year is ending, and I'm finally getting productive. Go figure. I worked a bit on the Worldstack. At this rate, it ought to take me about three lifetimes to complete it.


The ideas are slowly forming something more coherent in my scattered brain, and I've made a start on content for the Worldstack. Unfortunately, it still holds true that my coding skills ain't what they used to be, so I'll probably be fooling around with trying to get stuff to go where I want it for a while. Bear with me, and know that it's coming.


It's October, and as promised, I'm slowly creating the Worldstack. It's going to go up in a temporary format at first, because I have too many design ideas and they're all having a war inside my head. When there's a winner, it'll get put up. But for now, it's finally getting put together, one little bit at a time.

And guess what... I've done it again, looked at my book covers and decided many of them suck. Will likely make more.


New ebook! From The Ashes. Finally...

And by the way, I pulled a bunch of stuff off Amazon. They just creep me out sometimes. So I'm leving a couple series available there, but I'm going back to focusing mainly on Smashwords.


New short story! Ghost Horse, also available in the usual places. Smashwords, Downloads, you get the picture.


Today I added a download link for my three-part Mud Mountains freebie. I also put up a link to my blog on ShareCG.


I've added a short story, Seeking Veritas, and a new 3D freebie. It's not much, but people have been downloading it on ShareCg, so why not.

BLARGH!!! Just discovered and fixed a slew o' broken links. Shame on me. If you wanted to read any of my free stories online, without having to download or go to Smashwords, well, now you can. Sorry.


Huzzah for good intentions. As you can see, I haven't been updating much in forever. Been busy writing.

Decided to drop the art downloads. You want to see my work, come visit me at deviantArt.

Updated the Storybook, too.


Holy crap, I think I just finished my website's facelift. Amazing! And guess what else? I redid a bunch of my ebook covers, now that I know a little better what I'm doing with this art stuff. =^..^=


Bumped all my amusing videos and such over to LJ, since it looks like people actually look at my blog over there.


Oops, just remembered I have an update log I haven't been using. Sorry!

Added new video to Embed It.

The massive update/redesign/new url/etc is tentatively scheduled for the end of June. Please don't hurt me if I don't get it all done by then.


Added update page (no, really?)

Three new images on the Playground.

Created a Download Page.

Working on a concept to make my galleries look effin' cool. Is it within my skill set? Dunno, I may have to go learn more stuff.