What's the good of having stuff available online for free if people have to run all over the Web to get it? Not much. So I'm mirroring all my free content here, in case anyone wants to gobble it up. Fair warning: I write smut. If you grab one of my free stories and ignore the warnings, please don't whine about the smut offending you. Similarly, if you are under eighteen, don't read anything marked with any variation of "ADULT." It will contain graphic sex, violence, or both.

Otherwise, happy downloading! As always, feel free to contact me (mbrown at evilkittenproject dot net) with any feedback.


Note: It's come to my attention that there are some mighty unscrupulous people slurping up artwork from the web and redistributing it as their own. Not to put too fine a point on it, this behavior sucks. So if you want to see my stuff, look me up on deviantArt. Come find me, I don't bite... much.

3D Freebies

Yep, you saw that right. I'm starting to get into the creation of 3D content. Barely. I have an account over at ShareCG, but it's just as easy to put the stuff up here as well.



This is a basic terrain model, a rocky hill with a smooth side and a small ridge on top. It is handy as a background prop or for a more close-up view of a character toiling up a mountain. I've found it surprisingly useful, so I thought I'd share.

DOWNLOAD 111.52MB ZIP Mud Mountains, Part 1

This is a set of large OBJ props, big enough to split into two files. These props can be used separately or together to create a large, snowy, muddy mountain range, with a deep central valley. If you have a water plane handy, add it to create a high mountain lake or a rugged coastal inlet. These mountains were made in Bryce, so the peaks aren't suitable for close-up renders, but they make a great background.

DOWNLOAD 110.51MB ZIP Mud Mountains, Part 2

This is the second half of the Mud Mountains terrain set.

DOWNLOAD 16.66MB ZIP Mud Mountains Companion

This is a set of background images and HRDIs intended to work with my Mud Mountains set.


Yeah, I'm lazy. I'm putting up the Smashwords editions. Doesn't hurt anything to have the Smashwords disclaimer in the front of the books.

Secret HeartDOWNLOAD 124KB PDF Secret Heart

Sir Simeon Meriwether Kerrigan, fresh out of college, was expected to marry his cousin Rebecca and settle down like a proper gentleman. But he didn't want to. And a farewell-to-bachelorhood voyage on his steam-powered airship with his dearest friend brings both disaster and a shocking discovery.

Behind the MaskDOWNLOAD 134KB PDF Behind the Mask

The Mazuri were nothing but a myth, a horror story used to frighten children into good behavior. Or so Kevran thought, until he stumbled across one of their dead on a lonely asteroid, and his life changed forever.

Death ParkDOWNLOAD 70KB PDF Death Park ADULT

Science fiction combines with horror in this short story set in the distant future, where everybody knows to avoid Death Park at all costs, but no one remembers why.

Demon SunDOWNLOAD 103KB PDF Demon Sun

He called it Demon Sun as a kid, a play on his mother's words when he tried to describe the fantastical land of music he'd discovered: Sounds like you've discovered a magic new dimension. Little did he know he'd find himself back there as an adult...

From the AshesDOWNLOAD 484KB PDF From the Ashes

After the destruction of billions of humans and hundreds of colony worlds by an unknown aggressive force, Lieutenant Wallace K. Williams must overcome his personal devastating losses and rise to the challenge of leading the few thousand survivors into a new future. Along the way, he encounters aliens, hope, despair, and the chance for an unexpected love. But will he lose everything all over again, just when things begin to go right?

Ghost RiderDOWNLOAD 129KB PDF Ghost Rider

What would you do to rescue a kidnapped lover? Would you attempt an impossible journey on the back of a creature that could kill you in a heartbeat? Heath would. But will he survive?

Love RevisitedDOWNLOAD 196KB PDF Love Revisited

A year after a disastrous breakup, Shane is desperate, unhappy, and about to move on. Life isn't getting any better. Time to restart somewhere else. Then he discovers that his former lover is in town, and decides to say goodbye, see if Erik will speak to him one last time... A brief, unashamedly sweet tale of love rescued from the trash can.

One Night StandDOWNLOAD 92KB PDF One Night Stand ADULT

A chance encounter in a bar leads to a night of passionate awakenings and pleasure for a self-confident trader and an inexperienced soldier.

Red RacerDOWNLOAD 187KB PDF Red Racer

Sometime in the not-so-distant future, the Order has taken over a country once known as America. Everyone is guaranteed a home, food, employment... but not everyone is happy with the restrictive new society.

RevenantDOWNLOAD 134KB PDF Revenant

This is a creepy science fiction tale. It involves a bit of romance, a bit of horror, and a whole lot of revenge. And if you've ever heard the song "For All Eternity" by a group called Fight, that's what (loosely) inspired this story.


Coloser To the StarsDOWNLOAD 313KB PDF Closer To the Stars

Kirel is a confused young man, almost convinced he's a worthless failure. Sylvan is a confident, self-assured musician with no doubt at all of his own worth. What happens when a mutual love of music brings them together?

Prince of the Northlands, Volume 1

LarantyneDOWNLOAD 344KB PDF Larantyne

The Kingdom of Larantyne has opened its collective arms wide to embrace its new Prince. Why, then, does Kirel feel so ambivalent about his role in life? Prince, Horsemaster, Commander of mounted troops, the new roles he must fill in life demand dramatic change in his thinking. But will Kirel manage to come to terms with his new life before the dangerous Northlands destroy him?

Prince of the Northlands, Volume 2

ApprenticeDOWNLOAD 154KB PDF Apprentice

All her short life, Lydia dreamed of being a baker. As an apprentice she greeted each day with joy and wonder. Until the day a magical little beast entered her predictable world, and turned everything upside down...

Breaking Traditions, Volume 1

In Service of the LightDOWNLOAD 181KB PDF In Service of the Light

Lydia, now known as Aurora, rides the lands at the whim of the Circle, a proud servant of the Light. In the course of her duties, she rescues a wandering mage-historian whose beliefs challenge her own and shatter her view of herself, her training, and even her service to the Light itself.

Breaking Traditions, Volume 2


Sometimes magical talent springs up fully formed and dangerous. And sometimes, the person with the talent has no idea what to do next...

Deep CurrentsDOWNLOAD 207KB PDF Deep Currents

Pirates aren't always the bad guys, such as when they rescue a journeyman sailor from a horrible situation and give him a ride home. Little does Riskin know, that rescue was just the beginning of the end of his old life and everything he knew about himself and his family. A chance heard remark in a tavern leads to friendship and adventure as Riskin joins in a hunt for the truth about a missing girl and a rumored slaver.

Desert RoseDOWNLOAD 413KB PDF Desert Rose

When Lorrine runs off with a wild mage, she leaves behind a woman in tears, whose shattered life may not be worth repairing. Will Kama recover? Will Lorrine ever grow up and recognize her own feelings? Or will wild magic bring an end to them all...


After the Great War, humans have become the dominant species on Anarill. Friction between the humans and the non-humans is inevitable. Now a young man, horribly ashamed of his own actions, unleashes a shocking series of events.

Happily Ever After?DOWNLOAD 272KB PDF Happily Ever After?

Leena lived and breathed dogs, working in the kennels of a Baron. Then one day she attracted the attention of the Lady Eliana and was launched headlong into a sea of intrigue and adventure, carried far from her homeland into danger and discovery. Will she and her friends escape certain horrible death? Will Leena learn to control her natural magical abilities?

ObsessionDOWNLOAD 101KB PDF Obsession

What happens when an honest constable discovers his former best friend is a murderer? And worse yet, that he wants something more than mere friendship...?

RescueDOWNLOAD 127KB PDF Rescue

A distant sound heard by a horse leads to the rescue of a lovely young lady, fleeing danger directly into the path of the Ranger Kell Ardantin.

Seeking VeritasDOWNLOAD 170KB PDF Seeking Veritas

Is it sin, or is it love? When is it a sin to truly love? Dorian seeks to rid himself of sin, to purify his soul, so his deeply held secrets will bother him no longer, leaving him free to pursue a socially acceptable life and marriage. But is it even possible? His only hope is to leave the world of the living and walk the Path of Redemption, hoping to survive Perdition and pass through to Veritas. But his closest friend, Osval, refuses to let him undertake the transformative journey on his own. Despite Dorian's protests, Osval holds firm, and the two young men set off together on a journey to begin life anew.